"Truly, my work with Valerie has been a game changer. From my coaching work with Valerie, I have learned how to identify and quantify my strengths and goals and trust in my ability to create positive change. Valerie is sometimes delightfully outrageous in her approach and she always delivers her no-nonsense, straightforward guidance with reverence.  Valerie is passionate about her work and it shows — the results in my life have been extraordinary. “


B.,  Lawyer, Portland, ME

“Valerie is the clearest mirror I have ever worked with.  My sessions with her helped me to identify beliefs and behaviors that were getting in the way of the changes I wanted and needed to make. I was able to reframe my limiting thoughts and experiment with new behaviors that better served me, allowing me to approach my work and personal  life more from my core.   I felt completely supported by Valerie to do the deep, personal work that was needed for my professional and personal growth.” 


L., Ph.D., Professor, Seattle, WA



“It is unusual to find the critical balance that Valerie Libby has in her work; her decades of experience have honed her ability to be both strongly relational and intimate AND laser focused and strategic.  Among all of Valerie’s exceptional attributes, I mention these two and her ability to toggle back and forth between the two, since I have found it hugely beneficial in assisting me with difficult situations I was trying to resolve on my own and really the secret sauce in an amazing coach. 


Through Valerie’s presence and relational way of engaging, she was able to quickly and effortlessly guide me to gain knew awareness and insights about what I was working on – truly “seeing the world a new”.  That alone was priceless.  But the real extra bonus was in her ability to support me in developing concrete tangible steps forward to take action and implement the shifts.  Some of these shifts were not easy, but through Valerie’s steady engagement, I was able to experiment with changes and lock in new ways of being that got me better results with the projects I was working on then I would have ever expected. 


If you are ready to go deep and really shift your approaches to how you orient and act in the world, then time spent with Valerie is your best next step.  Like with me, you will look back on your interactions with Valerie and notice that they were the tipping point to the heightened impact you are now having in the world.”


J., Ph.D., International O.D. Consultant, Conway, NH


“Working with Valerie has provided me with increase freedom from self judgment. I experience more serenity. She provided a safe space and offered pertinent  insight  for me to work through social and emotional isolation issues.” 


S., CRNA , Portland, ME


“I'’ve worked in insurance for 30 years, but my income was declining. I met with Valerie to focus on better time management.  As a result of my work with her, my annual income increased 22%.”


R., Insurance Executive, Portland, ME.

“Valerie’s openness, positive outlook and creative guidance gave me the support and focus I needed to move forward from a place where I felt stuck. Her combination of professionalism, humor and calm grace makes her a delight to work with.” 


L., Director of Operations and Communications,

Wellfleet, MA



“My work with Valerie was …..poignant and important. She created a safe place to listen, learn and celebrate..… I have been uplifted and determined to follow through…..committed to growth and finding joy every day. The work with Valerie has allowed me to heal from past pains and to find the strength to become the best version of me.”


M, Artist/Healer, Old Orchard Beach, ME