Executive and

Leadership Coaching -

Maximizing Potential

Executives at every level of leadership - from small business owners to chief executive officers - face unique sets of challenges that require a broad range of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.


When even one aspect of your management approach negatively impacts productivity, relationships with others, or the bottom line, it can be tremendously helpful to have a neutral party, such as a coach, help you see what is standing in your way and how you best can get to where you want or need to be.


Every coaching client has a unique set of strengths and obstacles. Therefore, the coaching process is tailored to suit each client's particular needs and goals.


We will work to together to identify your areas of strength and core competencies from which we will build the strategies for change.  Areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:


  • Time management skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Workplace productivity

  • Realistic goal-setting and benchmarking

  • Facilitating a positive workplace environment

  • Healthy relationships, communication and listening skills

  • Awareness of self and others; enhanced presence 

  • Clarifying your vision and a pathway to get there, guided by your values and priorities


As your executive coach, I will challenge you to explore and understand multiple realities and perspectives. Your increased awareness opens the door for insights, creative solutions, and responses to others that better serve you and your organization. Successful leaders need to inpire, coach and mentor others to be the best they can be for the benefit of the organization....and they need and deserve the same kind of support to be the best they can be!  As your exeuctive coach, I will help you maximize your potential!

Life Coaching -

Empowering You To

Create The Life You Want

There is no guidebook to help us transition through the many stages and complications of life.  However, the desired destination for most people is the same: a happy, fulfilled existence in alignment with personal values and priorities.


Changes in your relationships, physical environment, or life circumstances could have knocked you off course. Perhaps, you have held onto thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you. Life coaching can be invaluable to help you get where you want to be when you cannot seem to get there on your own, despite your best efforts.


Every coaching client and their personal situation is unique. Life coaching starts with identifying where the client wants to be, assessing where they are now ("what is") and mapping strategies to get the desired result.  The learning is all about the client and plans are co-created and tailored to each individual.  We celebrate learning and personal growth. 


The intention with any coaching session is to facilitate a transformational process and co-create effective strategies, allowing the client to make the personal changes necessary to accomplish their goals. Strategies can include, but are not limited to:


  • Heightening awareness of self and others; enhanced presence and appreciating multiple realities

  • Identifying and working from strengths; affirming personal power, building confidence

  • Identifying and clarifying limiting thoughts, beliefs and/or behaviors

  • Learning and experimenting with new patterns of thought and/or behaviors

  • Relationship-building; establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Identifying replicable and transformational strategies that can be used in multiple areas of client's life

  • Harnessing and maximizing potential


When we listen to our inner wisdom, along with our logical, reasoning mind, we are best served.  My coaching practice honors each client as their most valuable asset. I will work with you to facilitate your untapped creativity and wisdom to expand possibilities for growth and greater opportunities for success and happiness.